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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Migrations?

We do offer migration services! Most of the time for a single site/cPanel account that is offered at no charge. For larger or more intricate migrations, there may be cost associated. Our migration team will be happy to take a look to determine any potential costs.

Once a hosting plan has been ordered, a migration can be requested right from our client portal.

Can I Talk to Support Even If I'm Not a Current Customer?

Of course! Visit our Submit a Ticket and select ‘Sales’.  Or, if you’re on our site Monday-Friday between 9-5 PM CST, you can chat with us live.

Is there a difference between a domain transfer and a migration?

Yes! A domain transfer will move the actual domain registration from another company to us here at Shultz Studios.  That way you’ll be able to manage hosting as well as domain registration right from our client portal.  A migration involves the actual moving of the website content to a new account on our network.

What’s the difference between managed and unmanaged services?

Our managed services provide a stable environment for site development. We handle the server-side configuration and ongoing maintenance. We’re here and happy to help with any server configuration issues that prevent normal web development.

The unmanaged services are for those clients familiar with system administration. These will provide an empty server and administrative “root” access. With that level of access, clients are welcome to configure the server to meet their specific need. Our support is limited to the physical server and network. Any configuration issues will be up to the client to troubleshoot.

Can You Help Me Understand More About WordPress?

Definitely. We have some awesome WordPress guides that can help answer most of your questions. If you get stuck, we are always here to help as well.

Can I change my billing cycle?

You can change your billing cycle at any time by contacting our billing department and specifying your preferred billing term. We can either issue a prorated invoice for you to extend your existing cycle, or we can simply change the term and the new rate will be reflected on your next scheduled invoice.

Will my account be suspended for nonpayment?

We offer a 14 day grace period for invoice payment before the associated service is suspended for nonpayment. This 14 day period starts on the invoice due date, not on the date the invoice is issued.

What are keywords and why do I need them?

Search engines use keywords when they include your website in their search results. Keywords can make or break your search engine ranking. Adding keywords to the content of your website can improve its ranking, but overusing them can cause your site to be banned for spamming.

When identifying keywords, select words and phrases in the content of your website that someone is most likely to use when searching for your online business or website.

Each of your Web pages should have keywords that include phrases found throughout the page content, title tag, headings, attributes, and link text. If you have words and phrases that occur often, rearrange the order to keep each tag unique. We don’t recommend using the same string of keywords on all of your pages because it could hamper your SEO.